Data Mining

Nowadays, data are recorded and accumulated in a natural manner in all professional fields, so that companies accumulate and store large volumes of data. However, data are meaningless in themselves. Actually, it is necessary to process and interpret data to make use of the knowledge extracted in the decision making processes. Owing to the high dimensionality, heterogeneity and distribution of data, it may not be feasible to apply traditional techniques in order to find patterns, anomalies or trends in data. Data mining is a multidisciplinary area that includes ideas from different disciplines such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistics and databases. Formally, data mining is the process of discovering and extracting potentially useful, non-trivial and previously unknown knowledge from data, by using specific algorithms. Beengin offers data mining solutions to your company in order to extract models that can be implemented in your business, promoting the decision making process, improving production processes, or enabling the detection of anomalies. All these will give your company a competitive advantage over other companies in your sector.